Hello, sun in my face…

Is it too precious to start this out with Mary Oliver? I was listening to an NPR review on her new book of essays this past weekend while trying to clean out a bathroom closet and fold endless loads of clothes. And I just love her.

What will you do with this one wild and precious life? The Summer Day is such a good poem. That last line really makes you want to get out and not spend your Saturdays cleaning out bathroom closets and folding endless loads of laundry.

So I’m hoping to have this as my journal of making life a bit more extraordinary. I  have so many plans! So many! But am so very sorry with the actual follow through. Two of those are writing more and taking more photographs. Another is working on our house and making it the amazing and cozy place I know it can be. Plus all the recipes I want to cook. All the books I want to read. And all the fun and crafty things I want to learn. Also, travel and adventure.

So here we go…I intended to start out strong in November and blog every single day. But I’m starting on day 3 and that’s okay.




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